[ES5 & ES6] Debounce React Events on Inputs

Post by Peter Watson-Wailes

react, web dev

In my day to day, I deal with a lot of React code. One of the most common components I use across the codebase I maintain is a table with search and sorting options. The sorting runs onClick immediately, but the tables (generated from JSON) can often run into 10k+…


Post by Peter Watson-Wailes

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Minigeist, like Upholsterygeist is a minimalist Ghost theme available here, built to use the least possible CSS whilst still supporting nice social buttons, responsive layout and tidy typography. This site runs it, so you're looking at it now. Features Endlessly responsive Typography friendly 4kb CSS Syntax highlighting using highlight.js…


Post by Peter Watson-Wailes

web dev

v6.0.0 The original responsive CSS structured library. Powered by LESS and LESS Hat. Available via the OpenDAWS repo. Upholsterygeist, this site's theme, is powered by it. It also powers the layout of the interactive guide to space exploration, Fly Me to the Moon. Consider both a demo. Theory…