Xasine / The Imperial System

Post by Peter Watson-Wailes

There are myths about the Sleeping Ones; the people of great power from the time before who made the world the way it is today. Long since gone, their children nonetheless remain, in the world of Xasine.

Xasine Character Sheet

The front of the Imperial System core rulebook

It is a strange and dangerous land, filled with weird and wonderful creatures, mighty empires and upstart kingdoms. A world undergoing great change, as it stands on the brink of industrial revolution. Into this world step a group of renowned agents for hire. Recruited by a man of power, what begins as a simple missing person's case will lead them towards events that will change their world forever.

A Brief History of Xasine

Back in February of this year, I started working on an idea for a tabletop RPG. Drawing on influences from D&D, Dark Heresy, Numenera, Fate Core and others, I started assembling the base mechanics, put together a character sheet, and started writing. The mechanics became The Imperial System, and the writing became the start of a new tabletop RPG: Xasine.

Xasine Character Sheet

The Imperial System character sheet

At the start of May, the game had its first playtest, using the first of five adventures in the adventure book. We discovered a few issues, and we're now in the process of ironing those out.

Beta Testing

Long story short, the system is now at the point where it's refined enough that we're looking for beta testers. If you'd be interested in helping, let me know by signing up using the form below...

Your details will not be shared with anyone, obviously. Beta testers will have my thanks, and be listed in a contributors section in the core rule book.

The Future of Xasine

The aim is to release Xasine as a campaign, and The Imperial System core rulebook in Jan 2018. The core system rulebook will be free, with the adventures being paid.

For press/other enquiries, contact me via Twitter.

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