Post by Peter Watson-Wailes

A brand must do many things to have and stay relevant with people. It must matter. It must stand for something meaningful and shout about it. It must act in a way that affirms that this is something they are passionate about.

That can be a message. Dove and Real Beauty, Under Armour with I Will What I Want and Rule Yourself. Procter & Gamble with #LikeAGirl.

(The passionate message: you're better than you think, you can achieve, dare to be yourself)

It can also be output. Netflix Originals programming. Spotify's Discover Weekly feature. Volvo's Life Paint.

(The passionate message: great TV is great art, there's more music out there that you'll love than you know, always putting safety first)

Your Work Must be Better

Agencies have to do more than ads. Creative work nowadays is a mix, which cannot exist in a single channel. Increasingly, creative companies must have a different relationship with our clients, where they come to us for things that matter.

We need to be creative companies that facilitate companies having a meaningful role in culture.