GM Tips: Encounter Building Without the Maths

Post by Peter Watson-Wailes

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Please note: The Usual Disclaimer, as always, applies. As part of my running of games over the past however many years, I've noticed a trend in my own GM style - over time, I've moved from a maths-based simulationist way of running combat, to a narrative method of running combat.…

A Problem Deeper Than Surface Wounds

Post by Peter Watson-Wailes

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Please note: The Usual Disclaimer applies as always, with a twist. This post is about the RPGs Equal Combat trope. There's nothing wrong with enjoying combat-heavy games. I do too. And I realise there's an irony in me, an upper-middle class white man writing this. But... I attended Dragonmeet this…

D&D 5e Backgrounds Guide - A Complete, Organised List

Post by Peter Watson-Wailes

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A few people have put together lists of all the D&D backgrounds available, but mostly they're a bit disjointed, so I thought I'd spend a few minutes categorising them and then put up that sorted list here. Players Handbook Acolyte - p127. Insight, Religion, and Languages +2 Charlatan…

GM Tips: D&D Campaign Template

Post by Peter Watson-Wailes

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Please note: The Usual Disclaimer applies as always. A little while ago, I wrote a guide on crafting RPG campaign stories. This, in many ways, is the second part to that - looking at how you craft the individual adventures that make up a campaign. Over the years, I've created…

Lessons Learned: RPG System Design

Post by Peter Watson-Wailes

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As you may know, I'm currently in the process of building an RPG system and world, known respectively as The Imperial System and Xasine. This has been a process that has taken almost a year now, and is slowly coming towards completion. As a result of that journey, and the…