GM Tips: First Time GMing Advice

Post by Peter Watson-Wailes

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We all have to start somewhere - even people like Matt Mercer and Matt Colville had session #1 once. What follows is my advice for those of you out there who are about to run your first sessions. Start Small Small group, small stories, small stakes. You're going to mess…

GM Tips: A Guide to NPC Creation, Design & Role Playing

Post by Peter Watson-Wailes

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Main picture: A Handbook of Rome and the Campagna One of the most common things you'll have to do as a GM is creating and voicing NPCs. In that vein, here's my guide to building, running and developing NPCs of all types, be they walk-on parts or the central villains…

GM Tips: The Foundations for Great Villains

Post by Peter Watson-Wailes

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At the core of any great story, be it told through a book, a film, or at a tabletop, are the players and their antagonists. Whilst you can have a great story without a great antagonist, it's certainly easier and more engaging when you do have a great villain to…

Lessons Learned: Running Campaigns Involving "The Chosen One"

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Main picture: Alice in wonderland by Gordon Tarpley In a post I put up recently on popular films as inspiration for campaigns, there were a few comments in the comments around the community from people which were basically this: I wouldn't want to run or play in a campaign where…

Those times when they natural 20 Investigation, and you have to think up *something* as a reward, fast...

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Sounds about right...…