Post by Peter Watson-Wailes

I occasionally build tech demos and research projects and write about things. This will be an ongoing list of things I'm doing.

Fly me to the Moon


A really long piece looking at the history of spaceflight. Built in React.js as a proof of concept for a few ideas.

History of Humanity


A demo application for examining how Google crawls server-side rendered JavaScript using links and events.


OpenDAWS is a LESS CSS framework, built with ideas from or by:

It uses flexbox and sane defaults to make building front ends less painful, without requiring all the overhead of things like Bootstrap or Foundation.


Upholsterygeist is a minimalist Ghost theme built using OpenDAWS, available here. This site runs with it, so you're already looking at a demo of it.


Minigeist is a minimalist version of Upholsterygeist, stripped back even further to have only 4kb of CSS. It's available here.

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